Treasure Island


  • 120 minutes
  • 12 M
  • 5 F


Gold’s not for you, Silver.

When Jim Hawkins finds the map to a legendary treasure, he embarks on a perilous voyage to claim it. His journey leads him to uncover a pirate mutiny, a chance meeting with a marooned misfit, and ultimately to the discovery of what kind of person he wants to be.


“Billon’s adaptation, true to the sensibility of the original, reveals a solid narrative momentum and a gift for peppering proceedings with the kind of big set-piece moments that children will adore.”
– Jamie Portman, Capital Critics’ Circle

“There are moments of surprise and delight in this [production.] Billon frames the play through the dreams of James (Barnet), whose father (Chioran) reads Treasure Island to him at night (as Cushman’s own father did to him as a child), which leads to a satisfying and moving conclusion.”
– Carly Maga, Toronto Star (3/4 stars)

“[It] does so in such engaging fashion without ever losing sight of one of Stevenson’s central themes and lifelong agonizing personal passions – the integral link between fathers and sons. Nicolas Billon’s very fresh adaptation has all this and more – the search for buried treasure, plundering pirates and that familial bond, cleverly introduced in modern times, then enhanced through tales of fantasy.”
– Geoff Dale, London Free Press

Production History

2017 @ Stratford Festival


Treasure Island
Coach House Books — April 2017
ISBN 9781552453506