The Sicilian


  • 45 Minutes
  • 6 M
  • 2 F


I would be quite happy were you not thought so beautiful, and I would be obliged if you ceased being so in the eyes of others.

Adraste and Isidore are madly in love, but so long as Isidore’s husband watches over her like a hawk, they cannot be together. Adraste and his trusty servant pull out all the stops to free Isidore from her husband’s clutches — but will it be enough?

Additional Credits

Freely translated and adapted from Le Sicilien by Molière


“An adaptation of one of Molière’s lesser-known comedies, The Sicilian is a model Fringe show: it’s short, well-acted, and has been put together with the kind of loving attention to detail – everything from the costumes to the programme layout to the (deliberately) out-of-tune music – that few other productions try to match. […] It’s a treat.”
– Paul Isaacs, EYE Weekly (*****/5)

Production History

2009 @ Toronto Fringe Festival — Toronto, CANADA

Production Posters

Production Posters