Original Work

The Measure of Love


  • 60 Minutes
  • 2 F


Age is the proof my life happened; but where is the warmth that is supposed to come with decades of work, friendship, love?

Joan Sinclair receives an unexpected gift from her friend Mabel: a handwritten play and a theatre audience. The two women will re-enact their friendship from its beginning in high school to the event that led to a 40-year hiatus. But does Mabel’s depiction of the events accurately tell the story?


“[The] writing is probing and fresh. […] The initial set-up of two women ‘acting up’ their lives onstage gives way to a very natural and moving encounter. From the artifice of theatre comes an emotional truth that renowned Montreal director Jean-Louis Roux handles with grace and charm.”
– Kamal Al-Solaylee, The Globe & Mail

“The most completely satisfying play so far at this summer’s festival is also one of the shortest, The Measure of Love, a new work by young playwright Nicolas Billon. [The play] brings laughter on top of tears.”
– Martin F. Kohn, Detroit Free Press

“[The Measure of Love] is a stunning accomplishment […] Powerful, moody and rewarding. Who said there are no good roles for women anymore?”
– Grania Litwin, Victoria Times Colonist

“There are plays that have a real emotional impact on its audience — and when you see one, it stays with you for quite some time. The Measure of Love is one of these plays and it will most definitely stick with me for a very long time.”
– Mike Vardy, Plank Magazine

Production History

2018 @ Victoria Fringe Festival — Victoria, CANADA
2010 @ Greenhouse Theatre Center (reading) — Chicago, USA
2008 @ Victoria Fringe Festival — Victoria, CANADA
2005 @ Stratford Festival of Canada — Stratford, CANADA
2004 @ Stratford Festival of Canada (reading) — Stratford, CANADA
2004 @ Infinitheatre (reading) — Montréal, CANADA
2003 @ Infinitheatre (reading) — Montréal, CANADA

Production Posters

Production Posters