Game of Love & Chance


  • 95 Minutes
  • 4 M
  • 2 F


Fate is so strange! Neither of these men is in his right place!

Silvia, a young and headstrong noble woman, is to be married to Dorante, whom she’s never met. Silvia switches places with her servant, in the hope that she’ll be able to observer the young man’s true character. But unbeknownst to her, Dorante has hatched the same plan! When sparks fly between the two “servants”, social norms are put to the test.

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Translated from Le Jeu de l’Amour et du Hasard by Pierre de Marivaux


“Once in a while a modern adaptation of an old text comes along that is both fresh and classic, and Centaur Theatre’s production of The Game of Love and Chance manages to be just that. [Nicolas Billon] succeeds at maintaining the playful wit of Marivaux’s words while making the language modern and accessible (and of course, English).”
– Chris Lane, The Charlebois Post

“Nicolas Billon has done a masterful job translating and adapting the piece. The language is accessible enough to sound familiar but still theatrical enough that we know the piece has a long history.”
– Sam Mooney, Mooney on Theatre

“[Hilariously] exaggerated movements, inventive staging and a snappy new translation by Nicolas Billon keep this chestnut feeling dynamic.”
– Jordan Bimm, NOW Magazine

“Nicolas Billon’s translation/adaptation is a clever, succinct update of this 18th-century classic.”
– Pat Donnelly, The Gazette

Production History

2012 @ Canadian Stage Company — Toronto, CANADA
2012 @ Centaur Theatre — Montréal, CANADA


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Production Posters