• 60 Minutes
  • 5 M
  • 3 F


I can’t teach children who believe two times two is five.

In the midst of the Spanish Civil War, Senora Carrar refuses to pick sides: her husband died in combat and she’s determined to keep her two sons alive and out of the conflict. But as Franco’s army marches towards their village, her resolve is challenged.

Additional Credits

Adapted from Die Gewehre der Frau Carrar by Bertolt Brecht and Margarete Steffin
Based on a literal translation by Nina Gerschack


“Silence is as gripping as speech in this tense world, and the result is an emotionally raw, riveting show.”
– Jon Kaplan, NOW Magazine (NNNN/5)

“Masterfully adapted by Governor General Award winner Nicolas Billon and given life by an excellent cast, the performance packs a powerful punch.”
– Ryan West, Torontoist (4.5/5)

“Moving, simple, theatrical and effective, Rifles truly is a must-see piece of work by very accomplished and thoughtful artists.”
– Jason Booker, The Charlebois Post

“Relevant, resonant and raw, Rifles is a must-see at this year’s festival.”
– Lauren Gillett, Theatromania

“Watching Kate Hennig in Nicolas Billon’s Rifles is like watching a gun, loaded and cocked, and waiting for the trigger to be pulled.”
– Martin Morrow, The Grid (8/10)

Production History

2014 @ Next Stage Theatre Festival – Toronto, CANADA