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Best New Play
Audience Choice
Award for Drama
(Fault Lines)


There is no meritocracy in a country that sells lottery tickets.

Set against the backdrop of the banking crisis, a confrontation between a real estate agent and a tenant takes an unexpected turn.


“Iceland is a beautifully structured and extremely powerful play that haunts the mind. Billon is an original and exciting voice.”

– Atom Egoyan

“Billon is a masterful storyteller, drawing us into his characters’ lives via richly detailed monologues (plus a bit of dialogue to suggest past conversations), full of haunting imagery that echoes throughout the play.”

– Glenn Sumi, NOW Magazine | NNNNN (5/5)

“A detailed and cleverly written script, performed and directed with real verve. This is an Iceland with lots of fire.”

– Robert Crew, Toronto Star | **** (4/4)

“Iceland features the strongest storytelling from Billon yet – an intelligent, gripping tale that cleverly taps into the housing boom and bubble anxieties of Torontonians.”

– J. Kelly Nestruck, The Globe & Mail | *** ½ (3.5/4)

“Billon’s impressively crafted script will keep audiences rapt while they untangle the various layers and connections between the characters.”

– Carly Maga, Torontoist | **** ½ (4.5/5)

“[Billon's] skilfully wrought monologues delve into story and character, weaving the three narratives into a finely knit mesh.”

– Jon Kaplan, NOW Magazine | NNNN (4/5)

“Smart writing and complex dialogue takes us on a journey to a foreign expanse of the unknown where scene after scene delivers unexpected layers of complexity and intrigue.”

– Angela Walcott, The Scene in TO

“[Iceland] uses whittled down wry black comedy and irony to tighten its grip on an audience’s attention. It keeps its focus on the characters as palpable human beings, and therefore its themes of greed, sex, and despair function as moving tectonic plates that show fault lines in the characters’ psyches.”

– Keith Garebian, Garebian on the Arts

“Iceland is ‘the perfect volcano’. It has exceptional writing, directing, acting and venue. [The play] is so good that the acclaim seems understated.”

– George Perry, Mooney on Theatre

Production History
2014 @ Magnetic North Festival – Halifax, CANADA
2014 @ Studio 16 – Vancouver, CANADA
2014 @ Centaur WildSide Festival – Montréal, CANADA
2013 @ Factory Theatre – Toronto, CANADA
2012 @ SummerWorks Theatre Festival — Toronto, CANADA

Fault Lines (Greenland – Iceland – Faroe Islands)
Coach House Book — March 2013
ISBN 155245276X

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