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  • 60 Minutes
  • 1 M
  • 3 F
Literary Award for Drama
(Fault Lines)
NYC Fringe
Overall Excellence Award
for Playwriting
SummerWorks Festival
Outstanding Production
SummerWorks Festival
NOW Magazine Audience
Choice Award


Fact: Greenland’s coat of arms looks like a kung-fu fighting polar bear.

Receding ice levels off the coast of Greenland have revealed that an area thought to be part of the mainland is actually a separate island. This discovery mirrors a growing rift between the island’s discoverer and his increasingly distant family, set adrift after a catastrophic loss.


“Ice figures prominently in Greenland, Nicolas Billon’s quietly disarming drama from Canada about a family cracked apart by a fatal accident. […] The story unfolds as three subtly connected monologues, each detailed and conversational and beautifully performed.”
– Joe Dziemianowicz, NY Daily News

“Billon has given his actors a wonderful script. The characters reveal their stories through three separate monologues, and each characters’ voice is thoroughly distinct.”
– Kimberly Wadsworth,

“Nicolas Billon’s trio of monologues, thematically dealing with discovery and loss, blend a lesson in glaciology and the problems facing a family who try but don’t know how to stay together. Written with wonderful detail, the script gets a strong, nuanced production from director Ravi Jain and actors Andrew Musselman, Claire Calnan and Jajube Mandiela.”
– Jon Kaplan, NOW Magazine (NNNNN/5)

Production History

2015 @ Apollinaire Theatre Company — Boston, USA
2014 @ Vancouver Fringe Festival – Vancouver, CANADA
2011 @ NYC Fringe/Bridge Theatre Company — New York City, USA
2009 @ SummerWorks Theatre Festival — Toronto, CANADA


Fault Lines (Greenland – Iceland – Faroe Islands)
Coach House Book — March 2013
ISBN 155245276X

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Production Posters

Production Posters

Production Posters