• 70 Minutes
  • 4 M
  • 2 F


Hey, not interested in the bleeding-heart-liberal-sensitivity training.

Following an embed in Iraq, war photographer Joshua Bennett returns to Canada to accept a prestigious award for his work and care for his pregnant girlfriend. But the homecoming proves difficult: Joshua suffers from PTSD and can’t seem to adjust to ‘normal’ life. Haunted by the events he witnessed in Iraq — including the death of his colleague and friend for which he feels responsible — Joshua struggles to maintain his sanity and find a way to live in a world he no longer recognises.

Additional Credits

Collectively created with members of the Soulpepper Academy


BLiNK is an entertaining, provocatively engaging work.”
– Adam Collier, Mooney on Theatre

“The technically polished play and the unaffected, detailed performances […] Helped along with slick production values that appeal to the senses, BLiNK delivers invigorating theatre.”
– Gord McLaughlin, EYE Weekly

“[BLiNK] is a triumph of intimate, topical theatre and should not be lost in the vast expanse of Luminato.”
– James Bradshaw, The Globe & Mail

“Nicolas Billon, the show’s dramaturge, has wisely chosen not to offer a preachy, boring morality lesson; he and the rest of the Soulpepper Academy collective have instead chosen something far more intimate, intricate, disturbing, and ultimately, enlightening. The central tensions in BLiNK […] are presented with honesty and compassion.”
– Catherine Kustanczy,

BLiNK has everything going for it. […] The production values are first rate, with real pictures from war zones donated by advocacy groups. The show is intense, even harrowing.”
– Paula Citron, Classical 96.3FM

Production History

2008 @ Luminato Festival — Toronto, CANADA